Custom LED Lighting Solution at Temple University Hospital

By Jerry Chen

June 7, 2021

What started as a retrofit job turned into a much bigger opportunity thanks to RDA’s quality products and communication between Locust Electric Sales, Temple University Hospital, and RDA Lighting. Thus, it resulted in RDA arranging the perfect fit custom LED lighting solution for Temple University Hospital.


Lighting Challenge

  • Temple University Hospital had 20 existing 150-watt Metal Halide pendant mount luminaires they wanted to replace with LED.
  • They required a custom LED lighting solution with custom paint to match the canopy.
  • When they reached out to other manufacturers, they were too cost prohibitive and some did not want to quote a custom job.

The RDA Custom LED Lighting Solution

  • They asked Locust Sales what they could offer in terms of a cost-effective pendant mount luminaire.
  • To drive this opportunity forward, Locust Sales reached out to RDA’s engineering team and worked closely with the client.
  • RDA’s engineering team came up with a custom luminaire using the ORA3-LED50 with a custom pendant, back box, and Dove Gray finish.
  • After the customer purchased and installed a sample, they purchased the balance of luminaires at ½ the cost of our closest competitor.
  • 4 Week turnaround time between initial inquiry, to a final product.

Custom LED lighting solution end result

RDA’s Custom Job Capabilities

The ORA-LED is not the only product family with custom capabilities. You can find all the different options for a product on our website’s product page under the Features/Benefit and Spec Sheet/Resources section. However, just because an option is not listed does not mean we cannot do it. Bring your custom job opportunities to our dedicated Engineering team and they will sort out the custom requirements for your client.

Check out the ORA-LED series for your next job and see how it can exceed your needs! Visit our product page or contact us for more information.

ORA-LED30 Wall Mount (ORA-LED Multi-Purpose Fixture)