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  • LED Lumen Adjustable Highbay
    4 Models Available

    The RHBS-LED is a brand new Colour Selectable and Lumen Adjustable highbay from RAB Design. One of the first lumen selectable models in the industry, choose between three wattage settings and 3000K/4000K/5000K colour temperatures at the time of installation.

    Models Available:

    • RHB1S-LED100A60 – Adjustable from 100W, 80W, 60W
    • RHB1S-LED150A100 – Adjustable from 150W, 120W, 100W
    • RHB2S-LED200A150 – Adjustable from 200W, 180W, 150W
    • RHB2S-LED240A200 – Adjustable from 240W, 220W, 200W
  • Highbay LED
    4 Wattages Available

    DLC5 approved round highbay fixtures. Ideal for industrial, manufacturing, and factory environments. Ruggedly designed, IP65 rated, and easy to install with mounting hook.

    Models Available:

    • RHB1-LED100
    • RHB1-LED150
    • RHB2-LED240
    • RHB3-LED300
  • High Bay LED
    2 Wattages Available

    The HB-LED series provides well-distributed uniform lighting and is ideal for large indoor spaces such as warehousing and manufacturing applications. HB-LED is an ideal one-for-one replacement for conventional lighting systems such as HID and fluorescent.

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