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  • Canopy Light LED
    3 Wattages Available

    The GCL-LED Canopy Light is durable fixture featuring a pendant mount system. The high efficacy fixture is ideal for a variety of uses including gas stations, outdoor canopy structures such as overhangs, walkways and underground parking garages.

  • LED Canopy Light
    2 Wattages Available

    The SQ/SQJ-LED is ideal for walkways, building entrances and exits, parking garages, and canopy structures. These fixtures replace traditional metal halide fixtures and require low maintenance.

  • Rough Service LED
    1 Wattage Available

    The Nite Hawk is ideal for rough service applications such as stairwells, tunnels, and maintenance areas with low ceilings, particularly in the mining industry.

  • Garage Light LED
    1 Wattage Available

    The GAR-LED78 is a high-efficiency garage/canopy light that replaces up to a 250W metal halide fixture thus providing 70% energy savings, reduced maintenance costs and longer fixture life. Easy installation system facilitates a quick one-man install.

  • Multi-Purpose LED Ceiling Light
    2 Wattages Available

    Sleek, energy-efficient & easy to install. Ideal for walkways, building entrances & exits, parking garages, and canopy structures.

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