Landscape Lighting

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  • Field adjustable bollard
    5 Models Available

    Field adjustable bollards with CCT and lumen select options in an elegant design. These bollards are ideal for pathway lighting in commercial and residential applications such as condos, townhouses, office buildings, university campuses, shopping malls, and more.

  • Summit LED Bollard Series
    3 Wattages Available

    The Summit Series is a dark sky friendly bollard with no uplight, DLC Luna listed for the 2700K CCT model. Also available in 4000K and 5000K CCT, this bollard series has high performance optics designed to fully eliminate glare for pedestrians and drivers passing by

  • Bollard LED
    5 wattages available

    The RAY-LED bollard series features a sleek, architectural design that provides uniform, glare-free illumination. Available in 5 wattages, square and round shapes, different cut-off beam configurations, and multiple custom paint finishes.

  • LED Bollard
    1 Wattage Available

    The P8S LED bollard is an architectural bollard in a sleek design that provides uniform, glare free illumination.

  • LED Light Columns
    3 Heights, and Various Designs Available

    RDA’s LED Light Columns are fully customizable for a variety of looks and features to meet your desired function. Ideal for parking lots, condos, parks, office complexes.

  • Bollard LED
    2 Wattages Available

    The P6RD and P8RD bollards are suitable for landscape and pathway lighting. Ideal for use in shopping malls and commercial real estate.

  • Bollard LED
    2 Wattages Available

    The P6R and P8R bollards are suitable for landscape and pathway lighting. Ideal for use in shopping malls and commercial real estate.

  • Wall/Flood LED
    4 Wattages Available

    The ORA-LED is a fully adjustable, multi-purpose fixture that replaces traditional wall packs or floods.

    It features a sleep, elegant design with multiple mounting options available.

    Arm the fixture down for dark sky compliance or aim out as needed for flood applications.

  • Flood Light LED
    3 Wattages Available

    The FL-LED series is a highly efficient fixture series with a wide beam distribution that is suitable for general flood applications. Ideal for building facades, patios & yards, landscape lighting, and sign lighting when attached to an arm.

  • Garden Stake

    The GS19B Garden STake is a 19″ mounting post made from PVC for ground mounted landscape lighting.

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