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  • Area Light
    Area Light

    The HELIX-LED is a highly versatile fixture designed with a full range of beam distribution options (Type II, III, IV, V), rotatable optics, glare control shields, and control options to create the perfect, most optimized lighting layout for your area. This standard fixture has all-in-one features including Color Selection, and Lumen Adjustability.

    The HELIX-LED Series is one of the most progressive area lights in the market that is dark sky friendly and listed on the DLC LUNA QPL.

  • Barn/Area Light LED
    2 Models Available

    The BLS-LED fixture is a high efficacy general purpose area
    light ideal for Barns, Farms, Security lighting, Industrial yards,
    Roadways and landscape lighting.

    Models Available

    BL1S-LED50A20 -> Selectable Wattage: 50W, 40W, 30W, 20W

    BL2S-LED120A50 -> Selectable Wattage: 120W, 100W, 80W, 50W

  • LED Area Light
    4 Wattages Available

    The XBAR-LED Series is a slim, round post-top area light with a colour selectable switch allowing you to choose a colour temperature of 3000K, 4000K, or 5000K on the XBAR1 and a dedicated colour temperature of 4000K or 5000K for the XBAR2.

    Models Available:

    • XBAR1-LED35 -> VK
    • XBAR1-LED75 -> VK
    • XBAR2-LED100 -> 4K, 5K
    • XBAR2-LED150 -> 4K, 5K
  • Lantern-Style Area Light
    3 Wattages Available

    The Coachman Series has a traditional, architectural look with the latest LED technology including options for beam distributions and lumen adjustability in an easy-to-install design.

  • Flood/Area Light LED
    5 Wattages Available

    The new FLS-LED Series is ideal for a variety of Flood and Area Light applications including parking lots, building facades, perimeter lighting, and car dealerships. With a universal mounting system and five wattages available, the FLS fits into any Flood/Area project.

  • LED Light Columns
    3 Heights, and Various Designs Available

    RDA’s LED Light Columns are fully customizable for a variety of looks and features to meet your desired function. Ideal for parking lots, condos, parks, office complexes.

  • Area Light LED
    4 Wattages Available

    The HELIX-LED Series are performance area lights available in T2, T3, T4 or T5 optics ideal for a wide range of applications including commercial and retail parking lots, car dealerships, and roadway lighting.

  • Post-Top Area Light LED
    2 Wattages and 3 Mounting options

    The SKYLINE-LED is an architectural post-top LED area light with a modern look. The fixture can provide advanced optics with T2, T3, T4, T5 options.

    Models Available:



  • Area Light LED
    2 Wattages Available

    The GAMMA-LED is a sleek, modern post top area light with a Type 5 medium distribution. Intelligently designed, this fixture provides superior lighting performance and significant energy savings over traditional fixtures.

    Models Available:

    • GAMMA-LED35
    • GAMMA-LED75


  • Area Light LED
    8 Wattages Available

    Ideal for parking lots, roadways, and perimeter lighting applications, The AL-LED fixtures are high-efficiency area lights with multiple beam patterns to suit a variety of applications. Intelligently designed, this series of fixtures provide superior lighting performance and significant energy savings over traditional fixtures.

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