Always on, just not always fully on. Ideal for building perimeters, building entrances & exits.

Even a little light offers a measure of safety and comfort. That’s why our dimmable motion sensor provides variable dimming levels that go from 10% during periods of inactivity all the way up to 100% when the sensor detects motion. These fixtures consume less energy than other alternatives while creating a secure environment.

Detection range: 180 degrees

Finish: Bronze

Ideal mounting height: 8 to 12′

Daylight adjustment: fully adjustable for 24 hours operation or custom applications.

Sensor dimensions: 2.9″W x 3.6″ L

Time adjustment: 5 seconds to 30 minutes

Working temperature: -40 C to +40 C

Sensor range: 50′ x 180 degrees x 8.25′ mounting height.

RDA_SpecSheet_MS180DIM_2017 Download