• RD-L8

    The RDL8 is an adjustable linear LED fixture that is available in lengths of 2′. 4′, 6′, 8′ that can be combined to form a continuous run. The fixture has a rotating lens assembly to direct light where needed. Standard arms extend 18″ from the wall.

  • UC

    Ultra slim LED undercabinet light fixture. Can be combined together with our UCP/UCT LED Series

  • UCA

    The UCA series of LED under cabinet lights is a unique fixture because of its ultra slim profile, pivoting design and a wide range of sleek accessories that can create that perfect ambiance for your kitchen.

  • UCP

    Ultra slim LED puck light, can be combined with our UC / UCT LED strip lights

  • UCP2-LED

    Go for the Puck

    Brighten up your cabinets, shelves and bookcases with this new slim LED puck light.

  • UCT

    Triangular design LED undercabinet light fixture. Can be combined together with our UCP/UC LED Series


    The Buffalo unit can be used for highbay applications, on cranes or as a spot light for industrial applications. The Buffalo has heat fins for removal of heat from the LED junction points to ensure the temperature at the board is always below maximum junction temperature ensuring a minimum life of 50,000 hours plus.

  • High Bay


    High Bay 100W/150W

  • MODx

    The MODx is a highbay LED fixture that is modular in design where multiple housings can be combined together in parallel or a single housing can be constructed for lengths of 2’, 4’, 6’, or 8’.

  • GAR-LED78

    The GAR-LED78 is a high efficiency garage / canopy light that replaces up to a 250W metal halide fixture thus providing 70% energy savings, reduced maintenance costs and longer fixture life. Easy installation system facilitates a quick one-man install

  • CLB

    Sleek, energy efficient & easy to install. Ideal for walkaways, building entrances & exits, parking garages and canopy structures.

  • CPL-Led

    Constant spread of brilliance. Ideal for offices, schools, public buildings, commercial properties and hospitals.

  • SQ-LED


    Warm Comfort from above. Ideal for walkaways, building entrances and exits, parking garages and canopy structures.

  • Violeta


  • DVAKS-LED-Series

    If you light it, they will come. Ideal for entrances, stairwells, man doors, outdoor walkways, tunnels and service areas.

  • DVAKS-LED14-120-...

    Precision die cast aluminum with integrated heat sinking system designed for maximum heat dissipation. Clear polycarbonate lens is standard. Globe and guard options are available. Existing incandescent VAKS / DVAKS series globe and guard will fit new LED fixture.

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