• SSSP Pole Series

    The SSSP square steel pole series is designed for top or side mounted luminaries, with a universal drill pattern on all four sides of the pole. Polycarbonate plugs are included to cover all unused holes (12 total). SSSP poles are available in 20′, 25′, and 30′ lengths in a dark bronze finish. Pole includes pole cap, base plate cover, handhole cover and anchor bolt template.


    Spotlight on you. Ideal for facility entrances and exits, building perimeters, storage facilities and loading docks.

  • UC120-LED

    The UC120-LED undercabinet light fixtures have direct 120V AC dimmable driver eliminating the need for an external power source.

    These fixtures are easy to install and can be used in plugin or hardwired installations.

  • UCM

    The UCM is designed as a slim, modular, cost-effective, easy to install, plug-in solution for undercabinet lighting.

  • VEK-LED Series

    The VEK-LED Series comprises the VEK1-LED35, VEK2-LED65 and VEK2-LED82 fixtures. These fixtures have an adjustable head and superior lighting performance. They serve as ideal replacements for traditional wall packs and floods. The VEK-LED Series comes complete with a photocell, is available in 120 volts or 277 volts. Standard finish is bronze or white. Ideal for use on building perimeters, loading docks, schools, townhouse complexes and apartment buildings.

  • VEKX

    The VEKX-LED high performance wall light is for superior performance, easy one-man installation and has many options for lighting controls, surge protection, paint finish, voltage and colour temperature.

  • VP4-LED35

    The VP4-LED is a four foot linear vapourproof fixture. Its durable build makes it ideal for use in wet locations both indoors and outdoors such as parking garages, commercial and industrial facilities. Not for use in car wash facilities.

  • WLS-LED20

    The WLS-LED20 is an energy efficient wall light with a similar light output to a 70W High Pressure Sodium/ 50W Metal Halide fixture.

  • WP-LED

    Traditional Look, New LED technology.

    Ideal for entrances, backdoors, loading docks, building perimeters, and other outdoor applications.

  • WRD-LED Series

    The WRD is an architectural, specification grade down light with advanced optics. An ideal fixture for perimeter lighting in retail buildings, atriums, condominiums and other architectural properties.

  • WRDS

    Light up the night. Ideal for retail buildings, schools, townhouse complexes and apartment buildings.

  • WSDS

    Light up the night. Ideal for retail buildings, schools, townhouse complexes and apartment buildings.


    The XBAR-LED is a sleek, modern post top area light that is available in four wattages with a type 5 distribution. The XBAR-LED is an ideal fixture for parking lots, commercial plazas and spaces that require area lighting.


    High on lumens, low on watts. Ideal for perimeter lighting, commercial properties, residential buildings, townhouses & condos, schools and warehouses.

  • DWL-LED Series

    The DWL-LED Series consists of sleek LED wall lights with a slim profile and a rounded frosted lens that provides optimal light distribution.

  • WL-LED26

    A light for all walls. Ideal for entrances, walkaways and exit doors.

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