• GWL-LED Series

    Let your light shine. Ideal for building entrances & exits, offices, condos and schools.

  • HB-LED Series

    The HB-LED Series provides well distributed, uniform lighting and is ideal for manufacturing, warehouses, and other large indoor spaces. It is an ideal one-for-one replacement for conventional lighting systems such as HID and fluorescent.


    The HELIX-LED is a sleek, modern area light with a Type 3 distribution. Intelligently designed, this fixture provides superior lighting performance and significant energy savings over traditional fixtures. The HELIX-LED is an ideal fixture for schools, basketball courts, and commercial plazas.

  • HLK-LED30 Workli...

    Contractor grade portable LED Worklight

  • LFW-LED Series

    Lighting the ins and outs. Ideal for underground parking garages, industrial facilities and car washes.

  • LFX4-LED

    The LFX4-LED Linear Vapourproof fixture is ideal for parking lots, industrial applications, agricultural applications, food processing industries, poultry barns and other harsh environments.

  • LFX4W

    The LFX4W-LED Linear Wide Body Vapourproof Fixture is ideal for industrial applications, agricultural applications, food processing industries, poultry barns, and other harsh environments. (Not suitable for car washes)

  • LFX8-LED

    Extreme environments are effortless for RAB Design’s new line of vapourproof fixtures.

    The result is a highly efficient, dimmable, moisture-corrosion-bacteria resistance fixture.

    Ideal for underground parking garages, industrial facilities and dairy barns.

    This linear LED has improved features over earlier models and has a premium configuration including a poly carbonate lens and 12 clips.

    Adjustable steel mounting brackets allow it to be easily suspended or mounted on various surfaces and ceilings.


    The ORA-LED is a fully adjustable, multi-purpose fixture that replaces traditional wall packs or floods.

    It features a sleek, elegant design with multiple mounting options available.

    Aim the fixture down for dark sky compliance or aim out as needed while using it as a flood or wall mount.

  • P8S-LED

    The P8S bollard is suitable for landscape and pathway lighting with glare free distribution. Ideal for use in shopping malls and commercial real estate.


    The RHB1R/RHB2R-LED Series contain ruggedly designed highbay fixtures with high efficacy and easy installation features.

    They are ideal for industrial, manufacturing, and factory environments.


    SKYLINE is an architectural post top area light featuring a modern, European look.

    This fixture was intelligently designed to provide advanced optics available with T2, T3, T4, T5 options.

  • SL-LED

    The SL-LED Strip Light is a highly efficient fixture that features the ability to change its colour temperature with the flip of a switch.

    Use the switch in the housing to change between 3K, 4K, and 5K CCT.

    Additionally, the included frosted linear lens provides uniform light distribution, making this DLC certified fixture perfect for shops, coves and general area lighting.


    The SMW2D-LED24 is a 2′ linkable LED surface mount wrap ideal for indoor use in stairwells, hallways, corridors, and utility areas.

    The wraparound fixture features a link connector that allows for easy linking with multiple fixtures, and clips that slide off for easy wiring and maintenance.

  • SMW4N

    The SMW4N-LED Surface Mount Wrap is a 4’ linkable linear fixture for indoor use.

    The wraparound fixture is easy to install and features a link connector ideal for combining multiple fixtures in one row.

  • Space Lite - SPL...

    No corner needs to remain in the dark with RDA Design’s new ceiling mounted SpaceLite-SPLR.

    Constructed with a durable thermoplastic housing this fixture can be mounted in minutes.

    At 956 lumens, the SpaceLite-SPLR gives light aplenty.

    You could leave it on all day, yet the standard built-in occupancy sensor, means you don’t need to. Say goodbye to changing bulbs and unsightly compact fluorescents.

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