• ATR Pole Series

    The aluminum tapered pole is a commercial grade, decorative pole with a 2-3/8” diameter tenon. The pole comes complete with anchor bolts, base cover, bolt template, hand hole with cover and ground lug.

  • BL-LED Series

    The BL-LED Series Barn Light is a high efficacy, DLC Premium fixture ideal for security lighting, industrial yards, farms and barns.


    The Coachman-LED is ideal for use in office complexes, campuses, parks, townhouses, and walkways.

    The Coachman-LED is the new improved energy efficient version of the original lantern style HID fixture.

  • CPL-LED Backlit ...

    The CPL-LED fixture is a backlit LED ceiling panel that provides uniform distribution, superior performance and reduced glare. The fixture is ideal for a variety of locations such as offices, schools, retail and commercial spaces.

  • DVAKSX - LED Ser...

    The DVAKSX-LED14 is a versatile fixture that can be used in industrial and architectural applications.
    The fixture is available in custom colours and has a variety of globe and guard accessories.


    The DVBKSX-LED14 is a versatile fixture that can be used in industrial and architectural applications.
    The fixture is available in custom colours and has a variety of globe and guard accessories.

  • DVCS100CG

    The DVCS100CG is a versatile weather proof fixture with a natural aluminum finish. The DVCS100CG is designed for pendent mounting. The DVCS100CG is made of die cast aluminum. Ideal for industrial and commercial applications.


    • Sleek, modern look with the same ruggedness as the original DVCS fixture.
    • Polycarbonate lens can be easily replaced with glass globe and guard to provide a different look.
    • Precision die cast aluminum housing with powder coat paint finish for industrial and architectural applications.
    • Grey polyester powder coat paint finish for protection against oxidization.


    The WLE-LED fixture is an efficient, affordable, DLC certified wall light with a traditional look. It features vandal-resistant polycarbonate housing and a textured clear lens. The WLE is perfect for entrances, back doors, loading docs in commercial and residential applications.

  • FL-LED High Effi...

    The FL-LED High Efficacy Series flood lights contain energy efficient LED fixtures that are suitable for floodlighting or sign lighting.

  • FL-LED Series

    Open the floodgates. Ideal for building facades, patios & yards and landscape lightning.

  • FLA-LED Series

    The FLA-LED series is a versatile, cost effective, Area/Flood Light that can suit a variety of applications. This DLC Premium fixture family has a universal mounting system allowing you to order your fixture separately with your choice of mounting system.

  • FW4-LED41/61

    The FW4-LED is a 4′ LED linear vapourproof fixture.

    The FW4-LED41 and FW4-LED61 are new, improved products in the same design as the original FW4 product family.

    Ideal for a variety of indoor and outdoor environments such as underground parking garages, industrial facilities, poultry barns, and commercial freezers.


    The GAMMA-LED is a sleek, modern post top area light with a Type 5 medium distribution. Intelligently designed, this fixture provides superior lighting performance and significant energy savings over traditional fixtures.


    The GS19B Garden Stake is a 19″ mounting post made from PVC for ground mounted landscape lighting.


    The GCL-LED Canopy Light is durable fixture featuring a pendant mount system. The high efficacy fixture is ideal for a variety of uses including gas stations, outdoor canopy structures such as overhangs, walkways and underground parking garages.

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