Adjustable multi-purpose light
VEK LED Series

Not Just a Wall Light

The VEK LED Series are multi-purpose fixtures that replace wall packs and floods up to 400W metal halide. The head can be aimed up or down, allowing you to deliver the light where it is needed. Ideal for use on building perimeters, loading docks, schools, townhouse complexes and apartment buildings.

Key features include:

• Integrated photocell
• Die case aluminum housing
• Clear glass lens
• Air-flow heat fins
• 5 conduit entries (1 on each side, 1 at back)


VEK LED Series

THERMAL MANAGEMENT driver enclosure separate from LED, for optimal heat sinking.

VEK LED Series sign light

VEK SIGN LIGHT with custom designed fixture, back box and arm for wall or roof mounting.

VEK LED Series angle

ANGLE INCREMENTS cast in the pivot arm of the fixture for aiming and multi-fixture installations.

VEK LED Series sensor

DIMMABLE for additional energy savings when used with a dimmable smart sensor.

VEK LED Series adjustable

ADJUSTABLE HEAD to direct light where needed.

VEK LED Series energy savings

70% ENERGY SAVINGS over traditional wallpacks.

Model Types

4 Sizes Available
VEK LED Series 1 250

Replaces up to 175W MH
Watts: 26
Lumens: 2,541
Available in White, Bronze and Black

VEK LED Series 2 250

Replaces up to 250W MH
Lumens: 5,333
Available in White, Bronze and Black

VEK LED Series 2 250

Replaces up to 400W MH
Lumens: 6,890
Available White, Bronze and Black


Add-ons to make your lighting solution even better
VEK LED Series gooftray
VEK LED Series goof tray
VEK LED Series sensor
VEK LED Series sensor

Goof plate

Simple yet ingenious design to hide damage and discoloration on mounting surface.

Dimmable smart sensor

Facilitates multi-level dimming from 10% to 100% based on occupancy and daylight sensing.

Versatility in Application

Our VEK LED Lighting System is ideal for perimeter lighting, landscape lighting, area lighting, sign lighting and architectural lighting.
VEK LED Series sign light
VEK LED Series landscape lighting
VEK LED Series office