AWL LED Wall Light Series

AWL LED Wall Light Series

High on Lumens. Low on Watts. (And it Pivots, Too!)

Superior lighting performance in an intelligent design

The AWL LED Wall Light is a multi-purpose fixture that replaces traditional wall packs. The fixture head can be aimed straight down for dark sky requirements or aimed out to deliver the light where it’s required.

Key features include:

• 5 wattages, 3 sizes
• High efficiency – 111 lumens/watt
• Hanging hook / hinge assembly for easy installation
• Precision die cast aluminum housing, clear tempered glass lens



ADJUSTABLE HEAD to direct light where needed.


ANGLE INCREMENTS in models AWL2-50, AWL2-80 and AWL3-103 to assist with precise aiming.


PROTECTIVE ACCESSORIES including visor, polycarbonate lens and wire guard.


DIMMABLE for additional energy savings when used with optional Smart Sensor.

Model Types

3 Sizes and 5 Wattages Available

14W | Replaces up to 150W MH
1,651 Lumens

26W | Replaces up to 175W MH
2,954 Lumens

Dimensions: 6.2”W x 7.2” H x 2.4” D
Voltage: 120V  /  277V 

AWL Light products

50W | Replaces up to 200W MH
5,899 Lumens

78W | Replaces up to 250W MH
7,467 Lumens

Dimensions: 11.8”W x 11.7”H x 3.8”D
Voltage: 120 – 277V /  277V 

101W | Replaces up to 400W MH
10,815 Lumens

Dimensions: 13.8”W x 14.9” H x 4.9” D
Voltage: 120- 277V /  277V  

Easy Installation

Back box first mounts to the wall, then fixture is attached using the hanging hook or hinge assembly. These assemblies allow the installer to use both hands while wiring and making connections.

Hook Assembly

Hook Assembly
AWL – 14 / 26

Hinge assembly_AWL50-80-103

Hinge Assembly
AWL2 -50 / 80 & AWL3-103

Level bubble

Built-in level bubble on fixture base facilitates mounting alignment.

Versatility in Application

Our AWL LED Wall Light Series has limitless application potential.
Popular uses include commercial warehouses, facility entrances and exits, office buildings,
and condominium buildings.