A broad beam of possibilities


The perfect balance of value and functionality in a mid-range flood light is finally here. This feature rich fixture is available in multiple wattages, sizes, mounting options and a wide range of custom colours. Built with a rugged versatility, this affordable and  LED fixture can be customized and is just as comfortable illuminating a suburban front lawn as a commercial storage yard.

Models Available :

  1. VFL1-LED20 : 20 watts, 2147 lumens and efficacy of 108. Knuckle mounting & photocell options.
  2. VFL2-LED40 : 40 watts, 4216 lumens and efficacy of 107. Knuckle mounting & photocell options.
  3. VFL3-LED100: 100 watts, 11,028 lumens and efficacy of 109. Knuckle & Yoke mounting options. Photocell option.
  4. VFL4-LED150: 150 watts, 16,558 lumens and efficacy of 111. Knuckle & Yoke mounting options. Photocell option.
  5. VFL4-LED200: 197 watts, 24,612 lumens and efficacy of 125. Yoke & Slipfit mounting options. Photocell option.
  6. VFL5-LED300: 300 watts, 33,027 lumens and efficacy of 106. Knuckle & Yoke mounting options. Photocell & narrow beam pattern are options.

Applicable to all Models :

5 year warranty, IP65, LED Life: 100,000 hours, working temperature: -40 to 40C, finish in bronze with custom colours available.  Wide beam, 120-277V voltage and colour temperature of 5000K.

RDA_SpecSheet_VFL1-LED20_2017 Download

RDA_SpecSheet_VFL2-LED40_2017 Download

RDA_SpecSheet_VFL3-LED100_2017 Download

RDA_SpecSheet_VFL4-LED150_2017 Download

RDA_SpecSheet_VFL5-LED300_2017 Download

VFL1-LED20-B-5K-W-BRZ-KN Download

VFL2-LED40-B-5K-W-BRZ-KN Download

VFL3-LED100-B-5K-W-BRZ-SF Download

VFL4-LED150-B-5K-W-BRZ-SF Download

VFL5-LED300-B-5K-N-BRZ-SF Download

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