Light years ahead of the rest. Ideal for parking lots, roadways and perimeter lighting.

Not only do our post top area lights look good, they save you money too. Featuring a sleek design and rugged construction, this post top area light makes a great choice for outdoor applications that require superior lighting performance. You can choose from a wide range of accessories including poles, dimming options and more.

Models available:

  1. RAL-LED40: 40 watts, min. 3600 lumens, efficacy of min. 90 lumens/watt. Replaces up to 150W MH.
  2. RAL-LED78: 79 watts, min. 7505 lumens, efficacy of min. 95 lumens/watt. Replaces up to 250W MH.
  3. RAL-LED120:  120 watts, min. 12000 lumens, efficacy of min. 100 lumens/watt. Replaces up to 320W MH.

Applicable to all models:

DLC standard, IP65, 5 year warranty, LED life: 100,000 hours, working temperature: -40 to 40C, standard bronze finish with custom colors available. Standard color temperature 5000K with 4000K available as an option. Voltage 120-277V. Standard Beam Pattern Type 5 with Type 3 is available as an option. Fixture dimensions: 15.7″ W x 5.5″ L. Options include photocell, 0-10V dimming and dimming selector switch.

RDA_SpecSheet_RAL-LED40_2017-2 Download

RDA_SpecSheet_RAL-LED78_2017-2 Download

RDA_SpecSheet_RAL-LED120_2017-2 Download

RAL-LED78-B-5K-T3-BRZ-PT Download

RAL-LED78-B-5K-T5A Download

RAL-LED40-B-5K-T5A-BRZ-PT Download

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