A Star among lights. Ideal for parking lots, pathways and area lighting.

This fixture takes lighting outdoor spaces to a higher level. With durable construction, and multiple features to customize from Orbita uses a dark sky-friendly technology. This is a winning combination of high performance and environmentally friendly lighting. Options include outputs ranging from 40 to 120W for mounting heights between 10′ to 24′.

Choose between 3 modern top covers and custom paint colours which help make any architectural vision a reality.

Top Covers:  HS-Hemisphere (main image),  GR-Grand (first image on lower part) and FL-Flat (second image on lower part).

Models available :

  1. Orbita-LED40: 40 watts, min. 4600 lumens and efficacy of min. 115 lumens/watt. Mounting height: 12′.
  2. Orbita-LED80: 80 watts, min. 8800 lumens and efficacy of min. 110 lumens/watt. Mounting height: 18′.
  3. Orbita-LED120: 120 watts, min. 12000 lumens and efficacy of min. 100 lumens/watt. Mounting height: 24′.

Applicable to all models:

5 year warranty, LED life: 100,000 hours, working temperature: -40 to 40C, dove grey finish with custom colours available, Colour temperature: 5000K, Beam pattern: T5, Standard Voltage: 120-277V. Optional voltage: 347. Approved to uL/CSA standards.  Options: T3 optic, adaptors for round or square poles.

RDA_SpecSheet_ORBITA-LED40_2019 Download

RDA_SpecSheet_ORBITA-LED80_2019 Download

RDA_SpecSheet_ORBITA-LED120_2019 Download




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