Life can be harsh, so deal with it. Ideal for underground parking garages, industrial facilities, commercial freezers and poultry barns.

  • Ruggedly designed with dimming options, the FW4 LED fixture can handle the harshest of both indoor and outdoor environments- even poultry barns in the dead of winter. In fact, it can operate in temperatures ranging from -40 to +40C. Think of it as an LED version of a traditional vapourproof fluorescent fixture with energy savings of at least 30 to 40%.Models available :
    1. FW4-LED40: 42W, min. 5200 lumens, efficacy of min. 124 lumens/watt and replaces up to 2 lamp T8.
    2. FW4-LED60: 63W, min. 7950 lumens, efficacy of min. 126 lumens/watt and replaces up to 2 lamp TSHO.

    Applicable to both models above: IP65, Dimensions: 6.3″ W x 50.8″ L x 3.9″ H, Voltage 120-277 standard with 347V optional. 4000K standard temperature with options for 3000K & 5000K.

    0-10V dimming, Working temperature -40 to 40C, Mount surface or pendant. Led life 100,000 hours. Options for stainless steel clips, clear lens and HF sensor.


    3. FW4- Retro Fit Kit: 43W, min. 5304 lumens, efficacy of min. 124 lumens/watt and replaces              up to 2 lamp T8.

    Applicable to the retro fit kit : Dimensions: 3.9′ W x 50.8″ L x 1.75″ H. Voltage 120-277V. Colour temperature: 4000K.

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